To manage time, manage people

Effective leaders understand that delegating work is half of time management

By Sanjeev Gupta
Time management is rarely a problem for leaders who understand people management. Why put quality and efficiency at risk by trying to manage too many things at the same time? Why indeed when you can get team members to do it for you?
In other words, if you are good with people, you will know how to create, work in and lead a team that takes on your workload and leaves you to strategize, lead and innovate. For a leader, this means identifying, nurturing and monitoring people who can share some of the work that one does in the course of a normal workday.
Of course, one has to understand that a leader still has to be grounded, informed and vigilant for every shift in the emotional climate of his workplace to stay on top of the situation. This is because the energy of a team cannot rise above the enthusiasm of its leader.
Sanjeev Gupta is the MD of Global Advertisers, a 360 degree OOH media solutions company, known for its innovative offerings, media-mix plans and value-for-money approach


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