Global Advertisers forays into innerwear market

May 16, 2013

Mumbai : The lingerie market in India is still in its infant stage until in recent times. Today, consumers have brand awareness and spend more on fashionable innerwear. There is also a clear rise in purchasing power and people are willing to buy more premium inner brands

Celebrity endorsements, joint ventures with foreign marquee names and reluctance among consumers to wear baniyans with holes have meant an intense buzz around undergarment makers. Even the rural consumers want branded innerwear because they are watching ads of Bollywood’s macho men: Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan and Shahrukh Khan.

With increasing competition in an innerwear segment, brands like Lux, Dollar, Rupa, Amul Macho, Jockey market their product heavily on out-of-home medium including television, print and other BTL activities.

Sanjeev Gupta MD Global Advertisers Global Advertisers forays into innerwear market

Explaining on this, Sanjeev Gupta, Global Advertisers says “When it comes to fashion, there is no limit to quantity. Today a consumer buys one, tomorrow he may fancy four. Since this is not a very high-value item, demand is more resilient. Therefore, an innerwear brand doesn’t leave any stone unturned for the success of their product. We at Global understand their need and level of competition. An ooh campaign of innerwear brands comes out after in-depth market research with strategically positioned inventories at a reasonable operation cost, giving a brand best ROI. We taped this segment because the proportion of people who use branded innerwear is small so the long-term potential of the segment is very promising.”

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