Global Advertisers gets rights of premium bus shelters

Global Advertisers - new bus shelter 2 Global Advertisers - new bus shelter

Global Advertisers has added strategically positioned bus shelters of Marine Drive, Dadar, Andheri and Borivali to its portfolio.

These new properties have uncluttered view, high visibility, great footfall and are well illuminated through the day and night, shared an official release.

“A bus shelter gets a brand, mass audience exposure. Bus advertising is a powerful and cost-effective form of media that offers a great way to reach out to the urban audience. It serves the specific need of a client,” said Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers.

These bus shelters are witnessing thousands of commuters everyday, who on a daily basis travel via the same bus of same route. This helps in generating a point of view for a brand and increase brand recall value. The message of a brand is also seen several times by thousands of people in cars as well as by pedestrians. Bus shelters also offer large scale of innovation for a brand such as 3D cut-outs and digital displays. It helps to break through the target customers of residential areas, office areas, markets and college premises, added the release.

Bus shelters are mainly deployed by banks, coaching classes, jewellery, real estate and consumer goods.


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