Bollywood thriller ‘Jackpot’ engages Global Advertisers for outdoor marketing

Global Advertisers promotes Jackpot in Mumbai with large size displays located at target areas.The agency has used strategic hoardings of premium quality to promote the movie in the city with the help of Media-Planning experts at Global. Jackpot is a Hindi comedy thriller directed by Kaizad Gustad starring Sunny Leone, Naseeruddin Shah and Sachiin Joshi. The film is set to release today. Global Advertisers wishes them a huge success at the box-office.

Global Advertisers has supported the industry with value addition packages, multi-city promotions, wide range of innovations and cost-effective campaigns.Large size hoardings at strategic locations, uncluttered view and vibrant artwork successfully grabbed the attention of target audience.

Bollywood movie Jackpot - Sunny Leone

Bollywood Movies Promotion in Mumbai - Global Advertisers

Bollywood thriller comedy movie Jackpot

Delhi - Bollywood Jackpot Movie - Outdoor Promotion

Jackpot 2013 movie  - Advertsing Agency in Mumbai

Jackpot 2013 movie - Billboards in Mumbai

Jackpot 2013 movie - Hoardingi in Mumbai

Jackpot 2013 movie - Outdoor Media Partner

Jackpot 2013 movie - Outdoor Movie Promotion

Jackpot Bollywood 2013 Film - OOH Mumbai

Jackpot Movie Outdoor Media Partner

Sunny Leone, Sachiin Joshi, Naseeruddin Shah, Jackpot 2013 Movie


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