Dead time during commuting is an opportunity for OOH

By: Sanjeev Gupta
MD, Global Advertisers
Date: May 13, 2014
The discerning Indian consumers are in the era of fast moving lifeline, from hi-speed internet to speedy metro trains, they are moving faster than ever. To maintain the pace with consumers, out-of-home industry makes effort to open up new opportunities for brands to engage with consumers on the move.

The proliferation of smartphones is also a boon for the out-of-home sector by allowing people to interact with outdoor display immediately, from visiting a website listed on a billboard of a train platform, to scanning a QR code at the bus stop.

As such, the outdoor advertising in transport hubs is on the up as brands take advantage of the ‘dead’ time people face while waiting for a train or to catch a plane, or while they are sitting in traffic. So there is an opportunity for advertisers to help kill that dead time.

Outdoor advertising sector becomes gradually digitised, it seems the options open to advertisers are limitless. It’s an exciting media channel to be part of right now, as the industry keeps growing because advertisers are recognising out-of-home’s potential.

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