OOH promotions near shopping malls are gaining popularity amongst advertisers says Sanjeev Gupta


Global Advertisers

Sheth Builders Campaign with Global Advertisers

Commonly known as ‘Mall Branding’ which you see inside or outside shopping malls are engaged primarily by advertisers to influence purchase intent of customer and for branding these days.During festival season, more than 90 pc brands prefer hoardings near shopping malls.  This advertising tool includes national and regional brands as well as companies whose products or services are sold in the mall. 

Shopping mall displays are located at nearby traffic junctions, highways, flyovers, market and residential areas. In the shopping mall, you will huge displays at the entrances, anchor stores, escalators, food courts, and other high traffic areas in a mall as kiosks, wall-mounted, and free-standing displays. FMCG, Electronic, Garment, Automobile, BFSI, Real-Estate, Entertainment and Films are the big spender on mall advertising.

For the record, Global has spearheaded the revolution in outdoor media – arresting consumers’ attention as well as driving home the message effectively. Mobile vans, taxi, bus shelter, Z-boxes, street furniture, fleet graphics, digital displays at mails and multiplexes, ferries, amusement parks, airplanes, swimming pools and rest rooms have been creatively exploited by Global to communicate with consumers on the go.

That explains why Global has been the leading outdoor media partner for all major sectors over the last 18 years. Call Now Mr. Amit Gupta – 9820 797 773 Or Email –amit@globaladvertisers.in


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