Global Advertisers bestowed with “India’s No.1 Brand Awards”


Mumbai: India’s pioneer outdoor advertising agency, Global Advertisers bestowed with India’s No.1 Brand Awards for its excellence in outdoor advertising, during a function organized by No. 1 BRAND Awards Council in Mumbai. The award aims to recognize the achievements and hard-work of team or individual behind making a successful brand.

“I am glad to receive this award and would like to thank jury members. It’s been a wonderful journey of our struggle and challenges that made us experience the glory of success. Global Advertisers is just not a business for us but a platform to showcase our creativity for our valuable clients. With over 100 brand launches, 500 campaigns and over 100 IPOs behind it, Global with its associates, affiliates and partners possesses nation-wide reach as well as segmental penetration. said, Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, Global Advertisers.

For the record, Global Advertisers offers superlative quality and unmatched prices for 150 premium hoardings at strategic locations across Mumbai from last 17 years.


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