Global Advertisers runs Outdoor Campaign for the fastest growing cab service Ola

Ola Cb

Mumbai: Global Advertisers, the out-of- home headquartered in Mumbai, has executed an innovative outdoor campaign for Ola’s latest offering, Micro. For the record, Ola Micro is the cheapest air condition cab service from Ola and its services are currently being offered at a price of Rs 6/kilometer. In an attempt to create an effective campaign, Global Advertisers is primality using bus shelters across the city of Mumbai to build awareness and expand the brand’s reach.

Commenting on the campaign, Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, Said, “In an attempt to save on travel costs, thousands of people in Mumbai utilize the bus service for commuting every day. Evidently, these commuters are price sensitive. Therefore, we thought it could be a brilliant idea to speak to the consumers about this new cost-effective service at the bus stations itself. The idea is working out very well for us and generating the kind of eyeballs that we had desired.”


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