Times Network launches of their third English Movie channel ‘Movies Now 2’ on billboards of Global Advertisers

Movies Now 2 - Global Advertisers

Mumbai: Global Advertisers recently executed a campaign for a new English Movie channel all over Mumbai. The channel named ‘Movies Now 2’, is a part of the Times Network. The campaign creates awareness in the areas such as Juhu and Prabhadevi with its large displays to get the maximum visibility from the target audience. The team at Global Advertisers selected strategically located hoardings so that commuters, passers-by and locals cannot avoid looking at the billboard. With its bold text and graphics, the hoardings stand out in a crowd of other hoardings.

Movies Now 2’ channel aims to provide sexy and stylish content for people interested in spicy movies. The channel is launching four programming properties: ‘Moviegasam’, Monday-Friday, 9 pm, Swagnight’, Monday-Friday, 11 pm, ‘#baelove’, Saturday, 7pm, and ‘Twisted’, Saturday, 11 pm.

“It is great to be associated with Times Network, they have always promoted their brand value on outdoor medium and we are glad to be a part of their marketing plan for Movies Now 2.  We are excited to see the content on their new channel and wish them all the best.” Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers


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