Global Advertisers crafts outdoor campaign for Girnar Tea

Girnar Tea Campaign - Global Advertisers.

Mumbai: Girnar Tea, one of the fastest growing tea manufacturing companies of India, has engaged Global Advertisers for the outdoor publicity of their three products – Masala Tea, Royal Cup Tea and Ginger Tea. The campaign has been launched in Mumbai on large displays. With its wide reach of hoardings, the campaign aims at health conscious, strong minded people who begin their day with a cup of tea, and hence, the campaign draws their attention by selecting appropriate hoardings at prominent locations of the city.

In 1978, export veteran, Mr. Pravin Bhansal and Mr. Harendra Shah, started ‘Girnar Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Today, the group offers Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags, Pot Bags, Dip Bags, Instant Premix, Coffee  and Condiments. To expand their market presence and further strengthen brand’s position, Girnar Tea believed in the power of outdoor advertising.

Commenting on the campaign, Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers said, “we understand the market dynamics of tea industry, our team at Global Advertisers has done extensive research and media planning to promote products of Girnar Tea. These products have strong brand value. Our team has engaged hoardings at highways, markets, posh residential areas of Mumbai.”

For the record, Global Advertisers has executed approximately 1.5 lakh successful campaigns, 1 lakh product launches, 80,000 in-film branding contracts and over 2 lakh event sponsorships in the last two decades. Global’s creativity, innovation and ability to deliver out-of-the-box OOH media solutions have won them 350 awards, and over 500 letters of appreciation.


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