Airport Media – 

Airport Advertising is currently rated amongst the top revenue drawing practices of OOH Advertising in India. Airport Advertising is considered plush as well as superior mode of providing brand message to the target groups. Global Advertisers have recently captured the Mumbai’s widest hoarding of 600’x8’ at Mumbai Airport. LED, Digital Signboard, Neon are quite popular at these locations
BTL Activities

It is efficient and cost-effective for targeting a limited and specific group. BTL techniques ensure recall of the brand while at the same time highlighting the features of the product. Global Advertisers is engaged in providing start to end BTL activities like Balloon Advertising & Back-Pack Walkers, Look walkers.
 Bus advertising offers fantastic results when planned and executed in the right way, by placing buses on specific routes and targeted geographical areas. Buses are unavoidable and are high impact mediums that deliver time and space. We offer: Full Bus Painting, Bus Back Panels, Bus Side Panels, Bus Shelters.
For more details visit – http://globaladvertisers.blogspot.com/p/bus-advertising-media-bus-back-side.html

Gantries & Flyover Panels

Billboards which are fixed to an overhead structure at spanning a road are known as ‘Gantry Billboard’. Double sided structure of Gantry Billboards provides the option of advertising to either side of the traffic and is highly advantageous because it attracts the attention of potential buyer that too within a span of few seconds.
Foot Over Bridge is a bridge for pedestrians. It is built in congested traffic area for the convenience of the pedestrians. Both sides of the FOB are used as display area.
Glow Sign & Kiosks

The glow sign boards are designed especially for the highways, markets and busy roads. The appeal and attractiveness of these glow signs is enhanced with the graphics and visual.

An outdoor kiosk interacts with users in a friendly, easy-to-understand context; focuses on convenience. Kiosk is smaller dimension so that it can be placed at various places such as, at junctions, near malls and entertainment complexes, between highway dividers. Its repeated presence targets audiences within quick succession and creates awareness.


 Hoarding is an impactful marketing vehicle that contributes to the brand’s overall advertising campaign effectiveness. Being sole owner of maximum premium sites in Mumbai and association of more than 32 national media partners, we have planned and implemented huge outdoor for all sector Clients, including over 300 national campaigns.
Mobile Van’s 

 Mobile vehicles are designed to target an exact audience on the move. We can specifically target an exact group at events or locations where you have decided to target. This form of media is an amazing way to place your brand or campaign directly to the audience where many other formats could simply not reach. Global offers a choice of prime locations within Mumbai enabling maximum exposure at high profit areas and thus higher sales. 
Railway Media

 Railway media comes under Transport Media which serves all areas across the Mumbai providing effective, high impact and high quality outdoor advertising campaign .In this category Global Advertisers offers: Exterior Panels, Window Top Transfer Stickers, Glow Sign Boards at Railway Station


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